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Richard Price's essays are collected in IS THIS A POEM? (Molecular Press), and include new insights on First World War Poetry, the history of little magazines, artist's books, and contemporary poetry. The title is from a meditation on a late poem by Price's mentor-by-correspondence Edwin Morgan.

Artists' Books: Arc Editions
Artists' Books: Taxonomy
Book Groups: Poetry and Short Stories
Little Magazines... and Migrant Press
Little Magazines... and Scottish Modernism
Little Magazines... and Small Presses
Little Magazines... and Sylvia Pankhurst
Modern Lyric: Ford Madox Ford and "The Starling"
Modernist Scottish Theatre: Neil Gunn's Legacy
Modernism, Adaptive Modernism and Scottish Literature
Music: Belle & Sebastian: Stuart Murdoch
Music: Darren Hayman
Robin Fulton Poetry Pamphlets as Private Public Space
Vennel Press: A Gutter, an Alley, an Artery
Whose History, Which Novel?

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Titles in newspapers and poetry journals are usually supplied by the editorial staff rather than the author.

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