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The album The World Brims by The Loss Adjustors is now released. It is "perfect" according to Radio Life Elsewhere but listen to it for yourself on bandcamp

Richard Price's first poetry collection in five years, Moon for Sale, is now published. This is a book set against global crisis, where even the Moon is at risk of auction: a book of uncanny dreams: shape-shifting, sensual, and dark. Shortlisted for the Saltire Poetry Book of the Year Award it is available direct from its publisher Carcanet

The classic short stories of A Boy in Summer, celebrated for their accomplished mix of humour and the bittersweet, has been issued in eBook for the first time

Price now leads a regular workshop at the Poetry School and offers mentoring and advice to poets.

Widespread praise for Small World, the 2013 Creative Scotland Poetry Book of the Year :

"A work of genius" -- Louise Welsh.

"That hoarding of the precious before it's gone, not only for the parent but for the child who will inherit the memory, the story, is beautifully achieved, as is the unbridgeable distance between parent and child."
-- Tony Williams.

"It is the sense of the spaciousness of Price’s language that I particularly came to admire in this book. In his longer poems there is a roominess: nothing is easily locked down into simple structures; the complexity of thought and sensation is given room to be fully expressed, not simplified, yet remain accessible. I might call what Richard Price has achieved the new personal."
-- Caroline Clark.

"My poetry highlight was Richard Price’s Small World, full of linguistic invention and adventure, but also very touching in its exploration of the relationship between a father and his daughters." -- Andrew Crumey, Books of the Year, The Scotsman

Praise for Rays:

David Wheatley in The Guardian acclaims this "intensely tactile poet", these "exquisite snapshots of the natural world", these poems "with a fire-work fizz of urgency in their tail". [Read full review]

"If you find yourselves up in the small hours reading these poems, Price’s stoical, beautiful, illogical meditations on the condition will keep you company." -- Julia Bird in Poetry London

"Price is a poet who listens, and this makes his work sing." -- Abi Curtis in Eyewear





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