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Literary Criticism: Broadcasts

Occasionally Richard Price has contributed to radio broadcasts. As well as appearing now and then on Ian McMillan's The Verb he has been a talking head on the following programmes.

A Few Don'ts (2012)

The poet Lavinia Greenlaw reappraises Ezra Pound's manifesto, A Few Don'ts by an Imagiste.

A century on, what can his lively don'ts do for today's poets, if anything?

With fellow poets Frances Leviston, Andrea Brady and Richard Price, and with the visual artist Cornelia Parker, psychologist Sophie Scott and composer John Woolrich, Lavinia explores the dos and don'ts of good poetry and the ins and outs of writing manifestos about it. Unusually among contemporary poets, Richard Price is particularly critical of Ezra Pound's approach. First broadcast on 2nd December 2012.

The Dirty Dozens (2008)

Benjamin Zephaniah interviews Richard Price about the late medieval poem "The Flyting of Dunbar and Kennedy". The programme is primarily about the American insult-form, The Dirty Dozens. Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 11.30pm on 23rd December 2008.

Fred's Archive (2008)

Broadcast on 30th Mar 2008 and then, in an extended version, on 5th April 2008, this BBC Radio 4 programme is presented by Joan Bakewell. It's about Fred Hunter's archive of poetry recorded by Stream Records in the 1960s. Richard Price is featured as Head of Modern British Collections at the British Library, describing the little magazine and small press scene of the 1960s, including the world of the independent bookshops in the UK.

Night Waves, BBC Radio 3, 01/12/04

Price was consulted for the making of the Scottish element of this programme, a discussion of the literary relationship between France and Scotland. With Robert Crawford in St Andrews and Price in London. Includes Price reading his translation of Guillaume Apollinaire's "1909". A copy is held by the British Library Sound Archive.

Kaleidoscope, BBC Radio 4, Neil M. Gunn special edition, 1991

Price was consulted for the making of this programme and discusses Gunn's achievement on it.

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