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César Vallejo

Till the day I come back

Till the day I come back, from this chuckie
my heel of authority
will be born, its crime spree, its ivy,
its actor's stubbornness, its rowan tree.

Till the day I come back, in pursuit,
as decent - as candid - as the bitter disabled,
wandering, well to well, I'll find out
what's got to be good is people.

Till the day I come back and till the
animal me walks between his judges,
our brave pinkie will be mighty,
dignified, an infinite finger among digits.

"Hasta el día en que vuelva…", Nómina de Huesos, 1923-1936, trans. Richard Price, collected in César Vallejo: Translations, Transformations, Tributes, 1998 Buy this book

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