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Organisations: For Authors
Organisations: Poetry
Organisations: Severe Learning Disabilities

Organisations: For Authors

These are bodies which act in the interests of authors.

The Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society If you have poems and articles in magazines and anthologies then you may well be eligible for the annual payout based on photocopying clearance. You don't have to be a member to benefit.

Public Lending Right If you have published a book you can register it with PLR and if their annual survey detects it has been loaned in the public library system then you will receive a small payment. Authors who have been publishing for some time find that this is especially good for out of print books because they are still, of course, loaned.

Society of Authors A membership organisation that can help on business and legal aspects of writing and represents authors' interest within the commercial publishing world.

Organisations: Poetry

Richard Price's work can be found in all the following:

arc editions Remarkable artist's books, including Karen Bleitz's Mechanical Word, a collaboration with Price.

Archive of the Now Experimental sound archive curated by Andrea Brady.

The British Library Exceptional collections of UK poetry from the very earliest times to the day before tomorrow: manuscript, print, and sound - and much more than the UK, too. Price has been known to frequent this building.

Circle Press Ronald King's classic press, which also produced the books gift horse and little but often, which are collaborations with Price.

Likestarlings The site that puts poets and other artists together to work on shared projects.

Mirabeau The musical project Price wrote and performed for in the 2000s.

The National Library of Scotland has almost all of Richard Price's works, including his artist's books.

The Poetry Archive A vast collection of recordings and downloads of contemporary poets, including Richard Price's selection of his poems over twenty years.

The Poetry Library Read it on the South Bank, London, and you can even take it away. The selection of contemporary magazines is another brilliant facet.

The Scottish Poetry Library A brilliant physical space in Edinburgh, excellent Scottish collections (and note the many branches across Scotland).

Organisations: Severe Learning Disabilities

Readers encountering in real life the kind of challenges described in the "Hand Held" sequence within Lucky Day may wish to know about the following organisations who can provide support or advice:

ASSERT: Angelman Syndrome Support, Education and Research Trust

Contact A Family: For Families with Disabled Children

Mencap: The Voice of Learning Disability




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