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One way of introducing yourself to Richard Price's poetry is through the many poems he has recorded over the years for The Archive of the Now, or through the recordings released by The Poetry Archive in 2017, essentially a Sonic Selected Poems drawn from all his Carcanet books. The short page-poem selection below gives a flavour of the range of Price's poetry. Readers new to his work are recommended to start with Lucky Day which includes his two most renowned sequences, A Spelthorne Birdlist (featuring Hedge Sparrows, chosen to represent the UK in the cultural programme of London Olympics 2012), and Hand Held, which reflects movingly on his experience as a father of a severely disabled child. The award winning Small World, which features an intense sequence about his then lover's experience of a brain injury, and Moon for Sale, a collection of dark, sensual, dreamlike poems, are each carefully patterned works whose interlacing of image and theme are also satisfying reads in their entirety.

from Rays (2009):

Like a student gardener
Cavalcanti's Darkness and Dazzle

from Greenfields (2007)


Open the Paper Window

from Lucky Day (2005)

Lucky Day

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