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Please note that Vennel Press is no longer publishing (or selling) books. This list is for reference only.

Background to the Press
A Gutter, An Alley, An Artery: Vennel Press, A Memoir (2008)


Raymond Friel, Bel Air, ill. J. Friel, Southfields, 1993, £5

W. N. Herbert, Anither Music, ill. Herbert, Vennel, 1992, £9

"Demotic vigour, hieratic allusion, wit, intellect, quirky vision, and a willingness to take risks - it's an impressive collection which confirms his reputation as an innovator." - Poetry London

W. N. Herbert and Richard Price (eds.), Contraflow on the Superhighway, Southfields, 1994, £9

Elizabeth James, 1:50,000, ill. Gunston, Vennel, 1992, £9

David Kinloch, Dustie-fute, ill. Herbert, Vennel, 1992, £9

"A maturity of feeling and expression rare in a first collection." - The Scotsman

Peter McCarey, The Devil in the Driving Mirror, ill. Brasca and McCarey, Vennel, 1995, £9

"The playful, shape-changing, inventive pleasure in his craft is McCarey's strength... He also has unexpected moments of tenderness." - Robyn Marsack, PN Review

Peter McCarey, In the Metaforest, ill. Brasca, Vennel, 2000, £9

Leona Medlin, The Tilted Mirror, ill. Robinson, Vennel, 1994, £9

Donny O'Rourke and Richard Price, Eftirs/Afters, Au Quai, 1996, £6

Richard Price, Sense and A Minor Fever, ill. Robinson, Vennel, 1993, £9

"Price can be provocative and surprising. He reverses norms and poetic expectations. At all times we must be alert to minute perceptions. There is a range and wealth of emotional substance in this volume." - Scottish Book Collector

Richard Price, Tube Shelter Perspective, ill. Dory, Southfields, 1993, £5

Stephen Watts and Richard Price (eds.), César Vallejo: Translations, Transformations, Tributes, Southfields, £6


Vennel also pubished numerous A6-format books in the Brief Pleasures including work by Donny O'Rourke, Elizabeth James, Kim Morrissey, Christopher Hedley-Dent, Peter Snowden, Peter Daniels, Duncan McGibbon, and Hamish Whyte.

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