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This site gives information about the poet Richard Price (who writes fiction as R.J. Price), his music projects and his little magazines.

MOON for SALE is Richard Price's first new collection in five years. Set against global crisis, where even the Moon is at risk of auction, this is a book of uncanny dreams: shape-shifting, sensual, and dark.

Moon For Sale

"He is one of our most attentive, delicate, ferocious transmitters, singers, makers." -- Maureen N. McLane

"...moments of sudden natural beauty are unexpected and lovely accompaniments to the jaunty and memorable style of Moon for Sale." -- Suzannah V. Evans, Tears in the Fence

"Dainty Opera" in Moon for Sale is a tour de force sex poem of 100 lines. His work is never less than interesting -- even when he baffles -- and there are half a dozen poems of real greatness." -- Martyn Crucefix, Magma.

Is a poem what it's thought to be? In IS THIS A POEM? Richard Price reverses conventions to see poetry in an entirely different light.

Is This A Poem?

"Humane, inquiring and accomplished, these essays deserve a wide readership" -- David Wheatley, Times Literary Supplement

"Enjoying this splendid collection of essays by @InfoPrice; marvellous insights into poetry and poets." -- Ian McMillan

SMALL WORLD, Creative Scotland Poetry Book of the Year, is "A work of genius" -- Louise Welsh

"My poetry highlight was Richard Price’s Small World, full of linguistic invention and adventure, but also very touching in its exploration of the relationship between a father and his daughters." -- Andrew Crumey, Books of the Year, The Scotsman

Viera Cakanyova's short film about Price and his poetry

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