hydrohotel.net - a Richard Price webspace

Hydrohotel.net is the site of the poet Richard Price.

Moon for Sale, a Guardian book of the year, is an urgent witness to consumerism and big business -- dancing with each other in a lurching tango. Warning: May also contain love poems.

Moon For Sale

"Poets have to be linguistic virtuosi, but I prefer them to be brilliant quietly. Richard Priceís poetry is inventive, sometimes dazzling, but never merely showy. I first came to Priceís poetry with the publication of Lucky Day (2005) and every subsequent book has delivered fresh weather. Moon for Sale appeared in January 2017, and Iím still rereading it and finding new pleasures. Price threads the political into the personal when he writes love poetry, and his intensely felt lyricism is sinewy with warning." -- Carol Rumens, The Guardian

SMALL WORLD, Creative Scotland Poetry Book of the Year, is "A work of genius" -- Louise Welsh

The first single, The World Brims, is out now from Richard Price's new musical project The Loss Adjustors. This is a collaboration with musician and producer Roberto Sainz de la Maza and singer Eliza de Leon. Listen and download it here:

Viera Cakanyova's short film about Price and his poetry

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